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An evening with Neil Gaiman!

So I bet you guys have been wondering where I've been all this time. Well long story short I've been adulting. I have been taking care of my family, my home, and preparing for the arrival of my 83. year old mother from the Virgin Islands and taking her to her doctor appointments.

When I'm not doing those things, I've been continuing with my dream of publishing my book. Currently I am editing and rewriting but never realized how big a job it is. The fact that my book is currently over 100 Thousand words and I didn't do any editing while I was writing this monster doesn't help. Lesson Learned.

On a lighter note I went to see Neil Gaiman at Jones Hall in Houston with my hubby. I saw Mr. Gaiman as he was entering the hall and I was star struck. I only managed to catch my husbands attention by tapping on his arm and pointing in his direction.

Mr. Gaiman is a great story teller with an even greater sense of humor. He answered questions, told stories and he performed to an almost sold out crowd. It was a great evening and my hubby only fell asleep twice! Lol! (anyone that knows my husband, knows that was an achievement.)

Waiting for the doors to open

Having Drinks before the show.

Inside the venue. We weren't allowed to take photos during the show.

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