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More books from Nadira Wilde. 


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Loving Mr. Carter

Editing Phase

Coming 2021

Still reeling from her uncle's sudden illness and death, Amaya Jones is anxious to tie up loose ends and get back to her life in New York. 

That is, until The notorious playboy Billionaire, Ethan Carter, shows up and disrupts her life most inconveniently.

Ethan is a man of his word, so when he has to make good on a promise to keep his mentor's niece safe, there isn't much that could stand in his way.

When an attempt on her life fails, Ethan is forced to take extreme measures to keep her close, making him confront feelings locked away from long ago.


As a killer closes in, Amaya is thrust into a world of lies and secrets that make her doubt the very emotions she begins to feel for the arrogant billionaire.


Can they overcome their fears, find common ground or will the secrets of the past tear them apart?

coming soon


AYS Security-Book 1 (Working title)



Strong Man


Her Protector
AYS Security-Book 2 


Coming Soon
Tattooed Arms


AYS Security-Book 3


Coming Soon
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