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About me

My writing journey started over 40 years ago, mostly with poetry and short stories. At that time I didn't know I wanted to be a writer, mostly because I was led to believe that it was just a hobby.

I was born on the island of St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. When I wasn't at school, my best friend and I spent our time climbing trees, playing softball with the boys, or frolicking at the beach with friends. It was paradise.

My love for the paranormal started around the age of ten. I remember watching The Shining for the very first time and being so afraid I didn't want to go to bed, as well as some lived experiences that I could not explain to this day. These only seemed to fuel my curiosity for things that go bump in the night.

Every once in a while, my best friend and I would talk her mother into telling us scary island folklore and stories. For some reason, this would always happen just around sunset. By the time she was done, we would be so scared that my best friend would walk me halfway between her home and mine, and at the same time, we would run as fast as we could in opposite directions.  

I started reading romance novels around a year later, thanks to my older Godsister, who introduced me to Harlequin romances. I was hooked! A year later I moved to Edison, New Jersey in the dead of winter. What a change from living in paradise to fighting winter blizzards.  I got my first job at the public library at the age of fifteen and it fueled my imagination. Imagine all that knowledge at your fingertips. It was heaven.

Currently, I reside in a small town just outside of Houston, Texas With my husband, two of three children, three dogs, and a cat. 

Where I am fulfilling my dream, by writing the stories I want to read and maybe in the process inspiring someone else to follow their dreams.

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